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2019 Santa Maria Beach And Music Festival

This years Santa Maria Beach Festival will take place under the motto “Warm World Heritage”

The 29th year of the Santa Maria Beach Festival (in celebration of the Municipality Day on September 15th) will take place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September 2019 under the motto “Morna a heritage da humanity”.

The news of this years festival (considered the largest cultural event on the island of Sal) is organised by the city council and was announced today by Councilman Victor Cardoso, during a press conference.

Victor Cardoso informed that the festival has as its backdrop a “new conscience” of the environment, allied to the outstanding motto ‘Morna a heritage of humanity’.

Thus, considering the change in consciousness and behavior regarding environmental civic education, like last year, organisers will mandate the use of a souvenir reusable glass, focusing on the “change of peoples attitudes” to environmental preservation, which is intended instill in people.

The festival maintains the same format with an entrance fee of 500 escudos (ticket price plus glass) for the two nights of musical performance. Those who do not present themselves with the bracelet and its glass will not have access to the space, warned the organisers.

“Last year, the recyclable cup was the great benefit, so in this year and in the future, it will have a guaranteed presence,” Victor Cardoso said. As it was “simple measures” he continued “which showed a difference with gains already made of known waste reduction.” In this same spirit, another novelty is the installation of eco points to collect plastic for recycling at the Santo Antão Tile Factory.

By introducing the cast, Victor Cardoso secured a “diversified line up for all tastes”, with the participation of a range of national and international artists and bands. In an area of 22,000 square meters, capable of hosting 18,000 to 20,000 people, festival goers will have the opportunity to watch performances by the Municipal and Veteran Band, C4 Pedro (Angola), an unprecedented Hip-Hop Top project with Batchard, Young 100 Judge and Helio Batalha for the first time on the same stage. The Veterania project is animated by the voices of Milú Funaná, Horácio Delgado, Betino Ribeiro and Virginia Rocha.

“Sal da ilha” is a space reserved for local artists who usually animate the cultural nights in the island’s hotels, this time is formed by Lito, Soraia Castelo, Caroline Tomar and Bruno Rodrigues. “Dance House” is another musical cast, whose space is reserved for Cape Verdean artists who throughout the ages have been representing Cape Verde on the world stage, with emphasis on Jorge Neto, William Araújo, Riky Man and Jim Rama.

Finally, in honour and campaign of ‘Morna the heritage of humanity’ comes the “Project Morna” composed of “great artists” of the national scene, whose names however, were not revealed at the time.

As for the international lineup, Jamaican reggae group Fantan Mojah was announced, as well as Rubera Roots and Richie Campbell, artists who will also have the responsibility of taking the Santa Maria beach stage.

Security will be ensured on the ground by National Police officers, in collaboration with the military and a private security team.