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Body Found On Drifting Vessel With One Man Some Still Missing

The body of a fishermen from Santa Cruz on the island of Boa Vista was discovered adrift in his small boat this Thursday morning.

Information provided by Radio Cabo Verde (RCV) indicates that the boat left the Santiago on the island of Boa Vista yesterday and was destined for the island of Boa Vista, but due to the state of the sea, it is not known what happened. It is now confirmed that the body is of 31 year old man, Nelson Correia, known as Mandela.

RCV points out that in addition to the body already identified, there are still people reported as missing, including Nelson Correia’s father. The National Police are already aware of the tragedy, but for the moment the search is suspended pending Coast Guard support.

Weather in the archipelago remains windy from north easterly Trade Winds with warnings of gusts up to 35 km/h in places producing high swells.

According to the relatives in Boa Vista and known as Mandela, Mr Nelson Correia left the island at the end of the week in an open mouth vessel accompanied by another person, heading to the island of Santiago and should return this week.

Mandela was with his father and a third individual that has not yet been identified.

The maritime police continue the search to find the remaining two missing men, now presumed dead.

The body of Mandela has been found in a boat between Santiago and Boa Vista, while others are still missing and presumed dead.