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Food Shopping And Provisions

There are a myriad of grocery shops around Santa Maria. So if you are travelling independently of a tour operator you will not be stuck. Most are run by Cape Verdeans or Chinese and are quite small with basic, yet limited supplies. There are also larger ‘Lojo Chinese’ outlets that hold a wider range of product. Most supplies will be of a prepackaged style in tins, jars or vacuum packed. Some fresh produce is available but you’ll find these older product than you would expect in the UK, certainly past typical European ‘Best Before’ dates. You’ll find many fruit and vegetable ladies in town who sell fresher produce, imported onto Sal from other islands. There is a bakery too for your bread and don’t forget the fish, available from the pier each morning.

Like most things here, continuity of supply is a problem. Just because an item was on sale yesterday, it doesn’t mandate on sale today. On more than one occasion, we have found a recipe, only to hunt around town for the ingredients. All adds to the fun!

I’d be a little cautious of buying anything electrical as the likelihood will be it has originated from mainland China for domestic use. I’d suspect any item will not be tested to the strict product safety testing in Europe. Our kitchen appliances such as toaster, sandwich maker, blender and kettle were purchased in Calais on continental holidays and imported to Sal.

Other larger items like bIcycles, TVs, washing machines and microwaves can be purchased from the local hardware store of Tend Tudo (dwelled.intruded.craters) or from dedicated shops in Espargos. Such items are a little less in Espargos and groceries cheaper too from the back street shops. I can personally recommend a reasonable size store next to the police station at What3Words location tumble.willpower.solo.

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