Expirey Date For Old 1,000 Escudos Bank Note Annouced

On 22nd December 2014, the Banco de Cabo Verde introduced a new series of banknotes to honour Cape Verdean figures in the fields of literature, music, and politics. It consisted the denominations of 200, 1,000 and 2,000 escudos. These new notes now printed on polymer, with the new 1,000 escudos bank note featuring the accordionist Codé di Dona, within a mainly blue coloured design.

Codé di Dona is the nickname of Gregório Vaz, a Cape Verdean musician and composer. He was born in Chaminé near São Domingos and lived in the locality of São Francisco.

On 19th August 2019 it has been announced that the Banco de Cabo Verde has set a deadline of 19th February 2020 for the withdrawal of the 2007 designed 1,000 (one thousand escudos) note featuring António Aurélio Gonçalves.

During the withdrawal period, the legal tender of the old note will be maintained and may not be refused as payments for goods and services. However, after the 19th February 2020 deadline, the old note can only be refunded at the Banco de Cabo Verde headquarters in Praia, as from that date, the note will have no it no financial value.

This decision continues the process of withdrawal from the previous series of banknotes, which also withdraws from circulation the 200 (two hundred escudos) banknotes issued from 2005 and the 2,000 (two thousand escudos) banknotes, issued 1999.