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Rescue Santa Maria’s ‘Quiosk Brasileir’ Brazilian Kiosk!

A new Facebook group was recently created titled Rescue Santa Maria’s Brazilian Kiosk! in protest that this popular beach bar maybe closed. In addition to the online petition that has been created, in less than a week the group has bursted to nearly 900 members in support of rescuing the popular attraction from closure from the council planners. In post to the group, Administrator Sandra Parsons asks members to send a protest message to Sal’s Tourism Manager, Carla Carvalhal at her email address.

Known locally as the Quiosk Brasileir, the Brazilian Kiosk faces closure by the council.

Reminiscent of those beach bars found on Copacabana and Ipanema beaches in Rio de Janeiro, since 2007 the kiosk has been operating on the beach to the west of the pier, on the promenade in front of the Hotel Morabeza. Over the years, the Brazilian family proprietors have served cold drink refreshments and snacks to locals and visitors alike. The kiosk has bustled with patrons from all over the world, with many posting their photos of "Kick-Ass Caipirinha" cocktails and memories of their visits within the Facebook group.

So, why the closure? It appears that Sal’s Camara Municipal (Council) have decided that “does not look nice enough” to go with the new promenade that’s due to be built. This most popular venue has been given just two weeks to close, with the loss of employment to the staff and loss of business for the proprietors.

Renate Wemekamp writes:

Oh noooooo! The Brazilian Kiosk IS Santa Maria. When you remove the kiosk you can say goodbye to the tourists. This is the only place where tourists meets locals with the best caipirinha’s and the beautiful view. It is unique! I love this place, the owners, the people who work here and the people you can meet here.

Roger Delcroix comments:

Ola Brasil is the best chill place on earth. Please don’t close this nice and exotic bar!! Nice owner and extremely friendly personnel. This bar is a real attraction for Santa Maria and one of the reasons why we come so often to Sal!!!

Ana Gabriela Jesus continues:

The Brazilian Kiosk is one of the few places in the first line of Santa Maria Beach Where residents and tourists can live. Good environment, affordable prices for all (thing that in Santa Maria, the seaside is very rare), and above all, 8 families who live from this business. I understand that the area in question must be rehabilitated to be better used, but it must also give opportunity to emblematic places like this to be able to integrate this Everything is achieved when there is good will and dialogue.