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Santa Maria Free WiFi And Internet Access

Most hotels will provide Internet access for their guests. It will be outside of the scope of this document to list them all. Most bars and restaurants will offer WiFi to their patrons and will vary between an ever lasting WiFi code or a session connection, typically lasting an hour. You will need to ask for a paper token with login credentials when you order food and/or drink. Other options include a PAYG SIM with data purchased from CV Movel or you can buy a data package from Cabocom WiFi.

Restaurant and Bar Free WiFi

Here is a list of bars and restaurants I have used. Last updated December 2017.

Ocean Cafe

Pass: oceanlura1
Note: They have so many WiFi connections here. It’s the one we used the last few times. Suggest you ask if you cannot connect. Data speeds are quite fast.

Buddha And Fashion Beach

SSID: Buddha Beach
Pass: buddha2017
Note: Quite fast data speeds and a favourite of mine.

Barracuda Restaurant

Pass: orion123
Note: Always seems a problem with this one, having to forget the network and re-enter password. Am assured the login credentials are correct but have never been able to access.

The Villa

SSID: La Villa
Pass: lavillabeach
Note: Can be slow if a lot of people are connect at the same time. You can pick up the SSID when sunbathing on the beach.

Palm Beach

SSID: PalmBeachTC
Pass: palm2017
Note: Used to be time restricted with a voucher. Limited SSID range.

Columbus Restaurant

SSID: ColumbusT
Pass: margarita
Note: Welcome to the world wide wait. So slow, you’ll need another coffee to keep you awake. However, it works.

Ocaranguejo Restaurant

SSID: Ocaranguejo
Pass: caranguejo
Note: Very good connectivity and speeds. Certainly a positive when choosing somewhere to eat. And the menu is cracking too!

Kite Beach Cafe

SSID: Miti & Djo Wifi
Pass: goodwind
Note: Quite fast. Nice to visit the bar cafe and just chill, catching up with what’s happening in the outside world.

Americos Restaurant

Pass: winebar12
Note: Very good connectivity and speeds. Probably not a good idea to start Tweeting with mid flight of a romantic meal. Use the bar downstairs!

Cape Fruit

Pass: santamaria
Note: Small WiFi Coverage and mediocre.

Odju d’Agua Hotel

SSID: OdjudAgua_WiFi
Pass: No Authentication Needed
Note: Fast. Nice to sit by the beach bar and catch up on the outside world.

Angulo Beach Cafe

SSID: Angulo
Pass: angulofooddrink
Note: Fast. Nice to sit by the beach bar and catch up on the outside world.

Sabores & Livros

SSID: Sabores_e_Livros
Pass: santiago
Note: Fast and short WiFi reach. Again, really don’t want to be Tweeting in this popular restaurant.

Data is fickle to say the least and connectivity is hit and miss. Nothing is guaranteed but with a fair wind, you’ll be able to get online for light browsing, social media and email. Most devices today will alert that the connection is insecure. So ensure your connection servers are set to encypt data connections or use a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Time Limited Voucher Access

Tam Tams and Sal Beach Club are two bars that use this service. The nice thing is that this service is provided free by the establishment with Internet connectivity by Cabocom WiFi. Although you maybe limited to an hour, connection and data throughout is pretty stable. Connectivity is typically insecure, so ensure your services use SSL protocols or utilise a VPN Service.

CV Movel Data

A good idea this one, but not used by myself and has some considerations. My son has done however when he comes to the island for a month or more. The problem here is that you have to change the SIM in your phone and hence your home number will be unavailable if anyone calls you. Unless your tablet is carrier enabled, you cannot use with a tablet. Your other consideration is that your phone should be unlocked and allows a third party SIM. Obviously you cannot use a laptop either. Top ups are made by visiting CV Movel. That said, I am told you can also get a dongle. Again, never done this myself but I know a lot of the British Expats use this facility.


By far my favourite way and used every time I visit the island. Historically purchasing vouchers from the Cabocom office or authorised outlets, you would buy a data usage package. These days, you connect any device to the SSID Cabocom WiFi and you can create an account there and then, choosing what data package you need. You are typically allocated two MAC addresses to your account, so restricted to two devices. So choose carefully which two devices you want to connect if you have more than two. One account would suit a couple with two phones, but not a family due to the MAC address restriction. The fantastic thing about Cabocom WiFi is that the coverage area is vast, pretty much the whole of Santa Maria. This was due to heavy investment around 2009/2010, installing multiple access points.

One Word of Warning!

Absolutely ensure you disconnect or otherwise turn off your WiFi when you have finished. I can personally testify to gigabytes being wasted aimlessly as background process synchronise to the Cloud. Photos are a prime culprit alongside automated App updates. Again, ensure your connections are secure or use a VPN service.

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